Brick Slip Tiles

At TCS Contracts Limited, our expert sourcing, use and application of brick slip tiles means that we are able to create for you an authentic looking brick finish for just about any space. Even if you are faced with constraints of space, weight or time you can be assured that our expert design and installation team will produce just the kind of appearance you’re trying to achieve – on time and within budget*.

We can cut slips from new bricks specified and sourced by you or we can offer slips cut from traditional aged and reclaimed brick. Whatever you choose, a beautiful and authentic effect will be achieved. We can install brick slip tiles on flat walls, around columns and even arches. When expertly pointed by our team of skillful and experienced installers they give an appearance that is indistinguishable from a traditional brick finish.

The reclaimed slips that we are able to source and supply are beautifully aged and distressed 20mm thickness tiles that have been hewn from original reclaimed bricks. They look stunning and are completely unique in every aspect. Specially selected from buildings before demolition begins, only the best quality, most suitable bricks are taken for turning into slip tiles.

If you require further information or clarification – CONTACT US.

*Subject to an on site assessment of your requirements.

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